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Specificity is better for Video

Specialising in your field is common practice. Graphic Designers often focus on logo design, Doctors on will focus on Orthopedics, and Directors often move towards full-length feature films. On the other hand a modern day professionals or businesses are expected to have the skills and experience necessary to provide many services well.

But how should this effect your video or photo campaigns? Easy. For effective content creation we structure our visual content to tell a story, this story needs to identify your target consumer, identify their problem and provide a specific solution to the problem. Let’s put that in context of an example:

EXAMPLE: A couple just bought their first home and realised they need a conveyancer. They look around and find two lawyers that they like the look of. The first is a law firm is called Leyman & Hudson which lists all the categories they can assist with including Family, Commercial, Tax, Criminal, and Conveyancing. The Second Law is called Patterson Conveyancing: The Conveyancing specialists. Now which would you prefer to undertake your conveyancing? The lawyers who generally just assist in legal matter or the lawyers that know conveyancing like the back of their hand?

By creating content that is specific to a customers problem we are able to command their attention and offer more value.

Presenting externally with specificity allows you to capture attention of leads and provide an amazing service or product. This does not mean that we cannot offer other services that could also solve many other problems for a person or business.

Once you have delivered amazing results your customers will automatically think that everything you do will be amazing. 

Offering additional services or products more effective once you have a pre-built relationship with a customer. Once that rapport and trust has been developed is when you can offer range of generalist services.

To grab the attention of customers we must tell a story. This story must address specific problems our target market has and showcase solutions. Video campaigns that do this successfully will drive business to your brand.

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