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The Power of Testimonials

In my last article I talked about avoiding the creation of content that is a sales pitch, instead look to provide content of that provides real value. The basic reasoning for this is that we don’t like to be sold to, but we are happy consuming more branded content than ever before.

There is a huge number of products and services on the market, making it difficult to get clarity on what products and services are good and what are bad. This is the power of a good testimonial, it provides clarity from a unbiased third-party. Consumers don’t have to take your word for it, testimonials provide deeper trust and credibility for your brand.

But how should you use testimonials?

Using testimonials is important, using them correctly is essential. Here are some tips to improve your testimonials:

  1. Use Video
    Video has a unique ability to create a deeper emotional response than other mediums. Here you will provide more of an impact to your audience than what a written testimonial could achieve. Emotional thinking places our audience in a mental state that is also more likely to buy or engage with us.
  2. Be Specific
    A common mistake is to try and fit every problem and objection into the one testimonial. This makes the testimonials messaging complex and therefore ineffective. Instead only use testimonials that are specific to problems that your customers have. If you want to group testimonials together, particularly with video, ensure that the group are all talking about the same problems and solutions. This will make the messaging simple, effective, and ensure the testimonials are targeted to your audiences.
  3. Use Personas or Personalities
    Just as you need to be specific with what is said in your testimonials you need to be specific with who says it. For more effective testimonials us Personas that are similar to your target market. Capturing a testimonial from someone who is relatable will be more impactful. Similarly using well known personalities (also referred to as influencers) is effective as they bring familiarity to your brand. Personalities also bring large audiences with them, giving to more opportunity to build awareness.
  4. Be Real
    Don’t try and bullshit. The power of the testimonials are in the authenticity. There are always people out there who can help you with testimonials, you just have to ask.

Social proof your product or service, creating some credibility for your audience and use these point to ensure effectiveness with using testimonials for your business.

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