What planning can you do to develop effective content.

Tips to planning out content for your business

Should your business be creating content? That depends, is your business wanting to stand out from the competition? are you wanting to improve your position in search results? do you want your website and other online pages to convert more business for you? Are you interested in long term growth?

The answer is going to be yes 95% of the time. The reason the answer is yes because data shows clearly the effect on-going content creation can have to the success of a business.

Creating one piece of content a day has shown to improve a businesses audience by 60% in less than 3 months. On average it costs 62% less than traditional marketing and creates 3 times as many leads. So what content should you create?

I have previously written about why video is the most effective platform for content development here and how to structure content in a way that is easily consumable here. So we wont touch on that, but instead talk more about creating a content plan for your business.

So here are my top 5 things to think about when developing a content plan for your business.

  1. Who will be watching your content on each platform?
    This is different from asking who will be watching my content in general as your demographic can often change between platforms. For example a younger group may follow you on Instagram compared to Facebook. Understanding who is following you and where can help ensure that you are targeted with your content development and not wasting time or money on releasing the content that is not relevant to the audience.
  2. What solutions are you solving for that audience?
    Once you know who is watching and where you can understand what problems you are solving. Once you clearly articulate and demonstrate your ability to solve their problems you will have improved your ability to convert them from leads.
  3. How does your branding effect this?
    How does your unique messaging of how your business is different effect your content? Are you trying to showcase your knowledge base? Your personalities? Product or Service quality? or down to earth and upfront attitude? Whatever it is you should remain consistent with your branding and ensure this is a key component of all your messaging.
  4. What Platforms should you use? How can you leverage them to maximum effect?
    Now you already know where you current audience is and what problems you are solving for them but what about the platforms you feel most comfortable with developing content for? Consistency is key, particularly when talking about content development. Choosing platforms that you are comfortable with doing on a regular basis is important part of ensuring you keep consistent. For example, you may enjoy getting other experts in your field around for a podcast. That is something that you know you can dedicate an hour a week towards and will provide real benefit to your audience. You are then able to leverage that into multiple pieces of content by filming it and releasing snippets of Social Media, writing a weekly blog post about what you discussed, and even forming B2B partnerships with other businesses offering promotional products or services to your audience that are specifically related to the podcast topics. Content can be used 100 different ways! So use it for all its worth.
  5. Is this meeting your customers quality expectations?
    Is the content you’re creating presented to a standard that aligns with your business? Unfortunately we are always judged by appearance, and the quality of your content production is no exception. If you want to be associated with professional, quality, high standards to turn up to a big interview in a nice suit or shorts and t-shirt?

Content production is something we can all benefit more from, I mean why else would I be sitting here on a Sunday writing a blog post when it blue skies and warm outside? Because I know there is benefit to developing content. I know that it will improve my ability to convert leads, to continue current relationships and improve SEO. Could I do more? Absolutely, but for now I know that at least I have started, it may not be as refined as I would like but by sticking to my plan I know with each iteration I will improve, I am not missing current opportunities on my way to that destination.

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