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Make money whilst you sleep with video assets

Building a customer base often takes months if not years to build up. During daily operations and periods growth we look to ensure our time and money is being used efficiently. Knowing two things for certain:

  1. We only have limited time and money
  2. If we aren’t there for our customers and clients someone else will be

Websites and social media have helped us capitalise on a businesses ability to market to our audience at all times of the day and night. Still, there is a limit to how much our branding can communicate for us. Video marketing is production of branded content which can connect with our audiences almost without limitation. We can build rapport, showcase products and services, speak to problems and offer solutions.

Video marketing invokes emotion on a level that would only otherwise be possible face-to-face. This is why your videos are digital assets, these assets should be leveraged at every opportunity presented, across your website, landing pages, social media, user profiles, email marketing and everywhere else. Let those videos speak for you on a Monday, on a Sunday, in the Morning, while your at lunch, away sick or best of all even when you’re sleeping.

Effective visual will increase your ability to generate revenue. As the name suggests these video content pieces are assets if used correctly. Visual Content can be reused regularly as a part of effective promotion and advertising for regular operations as well as hyping events and other activities. Allowing for improved lead generation, conversion or retention.

Using video can organically boost your business profile and lead new potential customers into your sales funnel on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. These are effective ways of generating awareness and capture new leads. It is highly beneficial as once you have created the content it is there working for you at all time, finding new potential business, and improving SEO.

Paid Advertising across social media can also allow you to target your competitions audiences and ensure that you message is seen when you can benefit the most.

Don’t look to work harder, business does not have to be a constant hustle. Create assets that can work for you allowing more focus on offering the best product or service you can.

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