Does Your Brand Have A Compelling Story


Does your brand have a good reason to exist? 

Have you considered how you will connect with consumers on a deeper level compared to your competitors. Powerful brands master the art of building value and loyalty with their customers by communicating not what it does but why it does it

A brand that has a meaningful story behind its origin compels customers to associate their identity with the brand. This is not only a key component in developing a brand but also a key component in how marketing has evolved, to be less focused on the features and benefits, and be more focused on how consumers use brands to identify who they are.

EVOLUTION OF MARKETING from features to benefits to experiences and to identification

Because the truth is we don’t need more companies, we don’t need more products, we don’t need more stuff. Is your business just more of the same…a boring, un-differentiated company that builds no loyalty or value with the people it works with and exists only to make sales? Or do you exist to make a change and provide value to a group of consumers that are not having their needs met.

What is the reason behind why your brand exists? What is the outcome that your brand brings to consumers? 

In order to answer these questions you will need to have thought about how your values, core message and personality create a connection with consumers. When a brand’s values align with the consumers, when the core message can resonate with their needs and when the brand personality presents a similar identity you will have laid the foundations off which a strong relationship can be built. A relationship that goes beyond the products or services you offer.

Just like how people connect with other people who share similar perspectives and beliefs, people connect with brands that reaffirm their views of the world. This can be achieved through identifying the change you want to create in your industry. How can you polarise your audience by calling out the old ‘normal’, and offer solutions that are truly innovative and not restricted by current standard practices

After identifying the change you want to make, how can you create a compelling story that presents a clear vision for a better future, can identify enemies that are preventing this change and provide a clear path for consumers to follow in order to associate themselves with your cause?

If you can, you have now created a reason why customers would want to associate themselves with you compared to a competitor. The why behind your brand separates you from those that only think and communicate what they do. Their what will never connect with consumers as powerfully as your why

Brands that craft and communicate this story provide consumers with reasons to say yes. Think of Tesla, they proudly state their mission is to “accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy”, utilising the trend of sustainability to leverage their growth and connect with consumers. Tesla customers do not view Tesla as just another company selling a product, they identify themselves as fans of the brand.

Does this mean that all businesses need a compelling story? No, if you have a unique product on the market that is able to provide consumers with the outcome they want, with as little expense, time and effort as possible, you can still be highly successful. However, anywhere a business like this goes, competitors will soon follow. Competitors that do have a compelling reason why they exist, competitors that aren’t just businesses with products, but are Brands with purpose and methods for building connection more effectively with your customers. 

When we can clearly communicate to consumers the reasons behind why we exist and the change you want to make you lay the foundations for building loyalty through identity. This story can be crafted into a compelling reason why your brand is not just another company with products or services for sale. 

That is externally, just as important internally it provides the company with direction and boundaries that guide your decision making around what products and services should be developed. Ensuring that any decisions align with your brand’s why and don’t break the positioning your brand holds in the mind of the customer.

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