You Are Not The Hero of Your Success. Your Customer Is!

4 Easy Steps to Improve Your Video Content

Business owners are naturally very passionate people. We are so enthused about what we are offering that we forget about what the customer is looking for.

Here are 4 easy steps to to ensure effective messaging in your next marketing campaign.

A search on Google for ‘the best way to market your product/service’ will lead you down the path of needing photo and particularly video content. This is a much more effective method of reaching customers, increasing engagement, converting sales and driving growth across your website and other platforms.

A common problem with photo and video content is that it rarely has clear and simple messaging for the customers. The reality is the message used in promotions and how that message is structured is the most important component of creating content that converts.

Campaigns often fail by having to much focus on you, your product and how it’s better than the competitors. Being so passionate and enthusiastic to showcase our product/service that we forget we are meant to be structuring our messaging towards the customers problems. The content needs not tell the story of how this is the solution customers have been looking for.

One of Nike’s most successful campaigns in the 70s, when Nike was a barely known Oregan based shoe company, was a TV Commercial of a man jogging down a street at dawn before anyone else was awake….it ended with a CTA (Call to Action) and their logo….that was it. Which seems to simple right? but it spoke to the Nike target market, it appealed to all the early morning runner, Nike positioned themselves as the product for real runners and their revenue doubled year after year.

Here are 4 easy steps to create effective messaging in your next campaign:

  1. Start with a message that is targeted and specific to a group. Clear and simple so you audience knows you are talking to them
  2. Next define a common problem this group has. Obviously ensure this is a problem that your product or service can solve.
  3. Now give them a easy to follow process to follow that will solve this problem. For example a Mortgage Broker might offer a service which allows quick pre-approval for first home buyers by using his online form.
  4. The final step is showcasing their desired outcome. Use the same example this could be a couple that used the online form to get pre-approval quickly allowing them to purchase their first property.

Working in the content creation space I get the opportunity to converse with business owners and marketing managers about how to best capture the right story for a business. Knowing that your customer, their problems and your solution is the story. These are 4 steps that are an easy, repeatable and effective method of structuring your content in order to deliver greater results.

Simplify Your Message

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