How To Be An Industry Leader


Brand and Marketing Strategists working on market positioning using the circle exercise

How you position your brand can often determine that difference in your level of success.

Good Brand and Market positioning can and does increase your ability to increase the number of highly profitable customers.

Here is an exercise for you to better understand where you fit in the market.

Great for any business that wants to make more profit and have a bigger impact…is that you?

Map your current position within you industry. Starting in the inner most circle and moving out from the centre. Using each ring as a more broad description of how your organisation serves customers.

The inner most circle is you, right now. The Outer most circle is one of the three Categories of Business you fit in (Health, Wealth or Relationships). Everything in between is how the customer views what you do.

Dominos, Pizza, Dinner, Food, Social Outing, Relationships

1. Dominos
2. Is a Pizza Restaurant
3. Is a Dinner Options
4. Offers Food
5. Is a Social Outing options
6. Builds better relationships

So what is the purpose of this? 

It is the first step in understanding both who our competitors truely are in the marketplace and giving our business a better understanding of who we are and why it matters to people.

How many of you before this exercise would have put Dominos under the category of building relationships? 

Isn’t that a much more powerful marketing approach for Domnios than ‘we make pizza’.

So give it a go. 

See if you can change your perspective.

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